EU Needs Obedient Hacks They Can Fire, Report Says

An EU report suggests that the pan-European body should have the power to control the press and “remove journalistic license” (in other words, fire) journalists who transgress its rules and regulations,
The report doesn’t mean these recommendations will necessarily pass into law, but it’s telling nonetheless. It shows how these people think. There’s an arrogance here seen in only in dictatorships where governments determine what’s responsible and what isn’t.
The idea is that the EU should monitor the independent press. To what end it doesn’t really say. We can, of course, make assumptions.

Don’t Even Think About It

400274_463578237019200_1413198325_nThe UK is already home to the world’s most-watched society. Now its Home Office plans to go a step further with draconian, Soviet-style legislation that seeks to punish wrong-doing ahead of – and this is the brilliant bit – wrong-doing. In other words, if a member of the constabulary says he thinks you’re about to do something anti-social, he’ll be able to confiscate your property and perhaps even charge you. Or if he doesn’t like your face, one has to presume.
According to watchdog site, Spyblog, the proposed changes to the legislation aren’t readily or easily available to ordinary people. Ordinary people, of course, are those who will pay, financially, for this overweening abuse of civil liberties. As importantly, they will also pay in further loss of liberty, particularly at the hands of an intolerant, corrupt and bigotted police force. And before you suggest that the police are none of these things, ask Andrew Mitchell, the former Tory Party chief whip, how he feels.
In essence, existing intolerable legislation is being made still less tolerable. The screws are being tightened and the people will be asked to pay the financial cost of their own loss of liberty. The image of executed prisoners being forced to dig their own graves is apposite. The frightening aspect is that few seem to care. The jump from one less feral youth off the street to one less potentially feral youth off the street is an easy one to make. It may even be comforting, to Daily Mail and Guardian readers alike. Alas, with these changes, tomorrow it could be you, because Constable Plod is the one who decides.