You Are What (What You’re Told to) Eat – In Soviet Westminster, At Least

A very interfering man, James Armitage, has decided that local government in Westminster, a London borough, has a right to decide how your meat should be cooked. It should be “well done”, thoroughly cooked, even charred. Essentially, it should be disgusting. Rare meat, you see, might contain bad things. On the other hand, it might not. Actually, it almost certainly won’t, but still, there’s a chance, and your stomach is Mr Armitage’s business.
Why is it his business? That we aren’t told. We can only assume the over-weening smugness of local government means they’re going to control not just what happens outside your body, but what happens inside it as well.
Mr Armitage denies the ban, saying that he only seeks stronger controls. “It’s because hamburger meat is ground up, so the bacteria on the surface of the meat will get inside and won’t get killed by the cooking, since the inside is not cooked. Steak, on the other hand, is not ground up, so the bacteria stay on the outside, and should be killed by just cooking the outside,” he goes on to say, in what sounds like a load of ballsed-up pseudo-science.
Anyway, if you think Mr Armitage has over-stretched his authority, you can tell him – or some other faceless bureaucrat, here. Tell them you’ve had enough of their conceit while you’re about it.
In the meantime, remember, rare meat tastes best.


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