The 17,000 km Long Arm of British “Law:”

imagesCAIXR1FGNot content with arresting their own citizens for expressing themselves in ways deemed unacceptable to the British Morality Police, Scotland Yard has now (hopefully over) reached a 17,000 kilometer divide spanning continents to create legal worries for a pair of Australian pranksters who impersonated a funemployed, under-employed but extremely well-paid mother and son duo of German origin.
The pranksters little joke went wrong, largely due to a completely inept hospital at which a new female member of the German family was being treated,  The exact details of the treatment aren’t known, and aren’t important. For the time being, the public can only assume the young woman had a deadly bout of morning sickness. You know the sort of thing, of course, because millions of pregnant women are hospitalised for queeziness.
A nurse, conned by the pranksters, took her own life, which is tragic, but strange enough for us to assume their were other factors involved – like an over-zealous manager or incompetent managers who let her manage the phones.
What makes this doubly-troubling is that the Australians have cow-towed to their colonial masters. They may have disobeyed the sinister Australian Surveillance Devices Act, according to the state-owned British Broadcasting Authority. The fawning BBC adds that the pranksters may also have broken Australian press laws.
(People living under dictatorships may be surprised to learn that Britain and Australia have press laws, such is the vehement criticism from Britain and Australia of other nation’s press laws but what can you do?)


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