Britain’s Morality Police

Police in Kent, an English county, have arrested a man for burning a poppy. Now, poppies are used to commemorate fallen soldiers; soldiers who fell in the fight for, wait for it… freedom. Burning a poppy might easily be construed as obnoxious to many people – perhaps even most people – but as obnoxious as arresting a man for exercising his freedom? This really is a sign of madness, an indication that if Britain isn’t yet Cuba or Burma, it is perilously close to being as intolerant. It is also a sign, not that one’s needed, of the unscalable height of arrogance police in the U.K. have attained. They are not just enforcers of mad laws, they are the morality police, too; the arbiters of good behaviour.
It wouldn’t be right to condemn anyone who stood outside an English cop-shop burning police helmets in a show of anger at this intolerable act. It is disgusting. It is all the more disgusting because those people and organisations that back and promote the British Way of Life, such as the BBC, are rapid in their condemnation of intolerance abroad.


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