U.K. Police Taser Blind Man Walking at “Snail’s Pace”

Lancashire police have launched an “urgent investigation” into lessons they may learn after mistakenly tasering a blind man whose white cane was mistaken for a Samurai Sword. I have absolutely no idea how anyone (with eyes, that is) could mistake a cane for a sword at any distance, let alone tasering distance. I expect the first lesson to be learned will be eye tests for cops. Another good idea would be IQ tests, because it seems self-evident that the shooter was a mental defective. While it’s true that mental retardation is a pre-requisite for police recruitment, the truly, hopelessly, irretrievably thick ones shouldn’t be armed with anything more dangerous than a cup of tea.
It may be time for some retaliation in Lancashire. Why not taser a cop? Well, they can’t because the citizens of Lancashire aren’t allowed to protect themselves, not even from the police – which pretty well sums up the definition of a police state.

This is a picture of a person with a white cane.

This is a picture of a juvenile carrying a Samurai sword. They seem distinctly different.


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